Friday, June 21, 2013

Soft Launch Special: Get a Free Copy of OBSOLETE! #8

Because OBSOLETE! is a real, get your fingers dirty newsprint tabloid, we opted for a 60 day Kickstarter campaign to give us time to get papers out on the street and into the hands of our fellow Analog Anarchists. We will go into full swing with promotions on July 11th, but in the mean time, we are offering to mail a sample copy of OBSOLETE! #8, hot off of the presses, to YOU– free of charge. 
Just send us your mailing address with the subject "Sample Copy", get your free copy of issue #8 and decide for yourself if OBSOLETE! is worth your support. If you decide to pledge at $25 or more (and the campaign is successful) you will receive issues 9-12 delivered to your door.
Thanks everybody! And please, share these updates with your friends. Together, we can keep OBSOLETE! alive!!!

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