Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paranoia Magazine now offering FREE Downloads!

The bad news-  Paranoia Magazine has ceased to publish their wonderful conspiracy magazine.
The good news- they are publishing in an expanded "more sustainable" book format. Also,  you can now download pdfs of back issues for free!

Friday, August 20, 2010

F*uck Me, Ray Bradbury! NSFW 90th Birthday Tribute...

Now THAT's what I call a birthday tribute! Ray is 90 on Sunday and word has it, he loves this touching homage......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Visit our E-Bay store today- Great books DIRT CHEAP!!

Check out our E-bay Bookstore...  We've got a great eclectic mix of used books at low, low prices!

 Proceeds from this sale will go to covering publishing costs for OBSOLETE Magazine, a quarterly tabloid publication in the tradition of the International Times, OZ, The East Village Other, The Berkely Barb, The Chicago Seed, The Whole Earth Catalog, PUNK! and the other great underground rags of days past.... AS a "special thanks" you will receive a complimentary copy of Issue #1 of OBSOLETE Magazine.

It's time to repurpose our culture, hack our technology, and untether our preconceptions- reality is happening- be there!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Download a PDF preview of Obsolete #1! FREE!!!

    For those of you who haven't already ordered your copy of Obsolete #1, we have a SPECIAL OFFER!  For a limited time,  you can download a pdf preview of issue #1 and read the ENTIRE ISSUE for FREE!!
    Great original fiction by Mick Farren and Bart Plantenga, Poetry by Mali Delaney and Todd Colby, Artwork by Amy Digi, Will Grant, Becky Danielson, Tobey Anderson, Blair Gaunt and Don Rock and photos by Alissa Bader and Chris Schipper- all available for you to check out online for FREE.
    But it's a paper magazine, all about the printed word, right? Yes. But mostly it's about YOU taking the time to slow down and spend some time with a format that allows you to enjoy the material, and digest it. No jumps, no hyperlinks, no popups. If you prefer to read it digitally, hey, who are we to object?  If you sample it and like what you see, we hope you will consider ordering a paper copy, or making a small donation through the paypal links on this page. Think of it as a freeware magazine- try it for free, and pay what you can.
    Suggestions? Comments? We want to hear them. Want to support Obsolete with by advertising in the magazine and on the website? We welcome your support. Want to submit and article?  The next deadline is coming up on Sept.1.....

Download Issue #1 HERE:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Why the word digital is already obsolete

As technology reaches saturation point, marketing companies are already looking to the 'post- digital' era. Their evolution will be neither easy nor assured

Imagine a world where billboards recognise your face and serve up some precisely targeted advertising for you as you approach. A thrilling prospect for advertisers, if not necessarily for their customers. Well, imagine no longer, because the railway stations of Tokyo are already hosting the first trials of a "digital signage promotion project" that lays the groundwork for just that possibility.

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