Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Soft Launch Special Continues...

Never read OBSOLETE!? We'll mail you a FREE COPY!*
This week, we distributed over 2000 copies of the new OBSOLETE! #8– shipping directly to supporters and “guerilla distributors” from coast to coast, and placing stacks at locally-owned businesses. More copies will go out this summer through website orders and tabling at cons, book fairs, zine fests and other events.
Unfortunately, our business model is slightly flawed. It turns out, you can't pay writers and artists, and give the magazine away for free, and not go broke. Who knew? (They never explained this to me in art school....)
So, we are going to a subscription model, and using Kickstarter because it provides a platform where there is NO RISK to the subscribers- if we don't raise enough to continue publishing, you will be charged nothing, and we will go back to printing zines on a ditto machine.
Would you like a bundle to distribute in your town, and help spread the word about OBSOLETE!? Contact us and we'll make it happen!
*(supply limited, US only...)

And Please-  Check out the Kickstarter Campaign and pledge if you can!

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