Sunday, June 17, 2012

OBSOLETE! #5 - Now Available Online

Hey Gang...  As much as I would like for people to read the REAL, smudgey newsprint edition, I know some of you prefer the online version, so HERE IT IS!
Cover Art by Robert Schefman
Warning: Oldster Rant Ahead - Rich Dana
The Rise and Fall of Zuccotti Park - City of Strangers
Three Poems - Chuck Miller
Before I Was Me - Lenny Zenith
Paintings - Michael X. Rose
Benchclearing- Spike Vrusho
Drag Racing’s
Return to Romance - Diana “Doc”Thomas
University of Strangers- Bob Pfeifer
Illustrations - Karim Hetherington
Kings of Scrap - Ricardo Obsolete    14 Patent Medicines - Ricardo Obsolete
We Interupt This Broadcast - Christopher Schipper
Ivey and the Airship - Cheryl Ammeter
Quasar Gets a Car - Walter Sun Chien
Special Bonus Story: Orion Express - Gauntt, Dana, Martin

Remember- if you dig it, you can still order a paper copy, or donate to keep OBSOLETE! afloat using the paypal links at the right of the page!

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