Sunday, April 22, 2012

Call for Submissions: OBSOLETE! #6

Deadline Extended: Send Submissions Before June 30th
Because we are so busy putting the finishing touches on the first book from OBSOLETE! Press, we have decided to push back issue #6 a few weeks.  So-  it's not too late to submit your work!

“In Praise of Illness” is the theme of the 6th issue of OBSOLETE!

The latest edition of the sporadical newsprint tabloid will explore the connections between art and illness. Artists and writers are invited to submit fiction, poetry, essays, photographs, cartoons and other 2D artwork directly or indirectly addressing the role of physical or mental illness, disease and disorders in the creative process, in society, technology, religion, politics, history.....

Every day, new drugs are being developed and marketed to address issues that, in the past, may have simply been accepted as aspects of an individuals life. Angst, ennui, precociousness, apathy, melancholy are all now defined as treatable disorders. Are the treatments for ADHD, ODD and other conditions medicating away the symptoms that made Vincent Van Gogh, Arthur Rimbaud and Jim Morrison who they were? Wired Magazine has for several years explored the high rate of Asperger's Syndrome among successful software developers. Is Asperger's a disease, or an symptom of evolution?

Do physical disorders inspire creativity, a new way of thinking about physical space? Prosthetic limbs and artificial organs are changing lives the way eyeglasses did in the past. Buckminster Fuller often spoke about the fact that he saw the world as a blur as a child until he went to school and was fitted with glasses- at which point he saw order in everything.

Medication, self-medication, diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions, treatment and healing, overcoming and submitting to illness- learning, creating, living and dying. Share your experiences in OBSOLETE #6.

Deadline is June 11th, 2012
Submit work (or inquiries) to:
obmag (at)
PO Box 72
Victor, IA 52347

include SASE for original work

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