Thursday, July 11, 2013

LAST DAY! Get your free copy of OBSOLETE! #8!!

As part of the soft-launch special for our Kickstarter campaign, we have been offering to mail FREE COPIES of OBSOLETE! #8 to anyone who requests them. The response has been phenomenal!
Tomorrow marks the official 30-Day countdown for the campaign, so today is the LAST DAY to request your free copy of issue #8. I hope you will take advantage of the offer, and I hope you will consider pledging to our Kickstarter. It's a quixotic goal, we know– but if we make it, we will be able to continue to print and ship the newsprint tabloid, this voice of the analog underground, AND pay our contributors a fair price for their writing and artwork. That's important to us, and I hope it is to you, too!

Send your request (remember to include your mailing address!) through the contact page at