Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are you OBSOLETE!? Send us a video! Deadline extended!

ARE YOU OBSOLETE!? Deadline Extended!We need MORE CLIPS! 

We are putting together a new promotional clip for OBSOLETE!  and you can be a part of it! Send us a video clip (less than 20 seconds) riffing on the classic Twilight Zone episode "The Obsolete Man"- it can be as simple as a shot of you or your friends saying "YOU ARE OBSOLETE!"using your phone, tablet or computer. OR- feel free to get as creative or elaborate as you want. Don't worry, though, don't be shy- we need LOTS OF CLIPS! The more the better- quality is not an issue. We will collage you all together into a fantabulous obsolete montage.

We need the clips asap, so send them in soon- the new deadline is Sept 1st. Send small clips to obmag@feral-tech.com- or send a link to download larger clips.

Here is a shortened version of the original show with only the opening and closing scenes- you can find the whole episode elsewhere on YouTube.
 Blair does Serling Karaoke...

Just to show you how simple it is- here is a quick one I did sitting at my desk.
If you get really inspired, you can find the entire script of Rod Serling's Obsolete Man HERE.