Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WTF Fest in Austin flips bird to SXSW

from OBSOLETE! contributors Shane and Amy Bugbee...

An Event Even Alzheimers Won't Let You Forget - WTF Fest

This is an event of unbridled, free-form, creative human expression - Some would call it art - We call it WTF Fest! A night of provoking words, live music, performance art, video shorts, and an art show devoted to Aleister Crowley descends onto Austin, TX and SXSW for a day that will live forever in the minds of those who witness it! Never before have a group of such diverse and uncompromising artists and creatives come together for a performance such as this!

Hear the immortal words of 1960s icon, professional thought provoker, and revolutionary John Sinclair, death defying commercial fisherman and poet Dave Densmore, and psychedelic epiphanies from New Orleans punk rock deity Mike Williams, as they share the stage for the first time ever!

Thrill to the sounds of Austin's own hardcore kings 'Birth A. D.' with their angry anthems and hard-lined world view, then for something completely different, hip hop  geniuses  'Broken & Input' offer their own version of social consciousness, and finally the Mike Flannery Supergroup will make their first major appearance! More performers will take the stage, they will be announced as they confirm.

Artist Ugly Shyla will mesmerize you with her crazed and bloody performance art, Rick Shapiro (Project X) will tell twisted jokes that may scar you for life, and Shane and Amy Bugbee will act as masters of ceremony, read from their new book, and show video clips from their new documentary film.

Plus, the first one hundred people through the doors will receive a FREE commemorative Aleister Crowley 2012 collectible coins.

More to be announced!

• March 14th, at Ruta Maya in Austin , TX - All Day and Night!

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