Monday, December 26, 2011

The first four issues of OBSOLETE! have come and gone, and I owe you a big THANK YOU for your support! As we move ahead to the new and expanded issue #5, I hope you will consider continuing your support with and ad purchase or ad swap.

Our new ad prices are as follows:
1/4 page- $45 ( 4.75 X 7.75 inches)
1/2 - $75 (10 X 7.75 inches)
full page - $125 (10 X 16 inches)
10% off for buying ads in the next 2 issues....
We would also be happy to negotiate an ad swap for ad space in your publication, banner advertising on your website, plugs on your podcast, etc)

Last year, we shipped issues to subscribers all over the world, we shipped free copies to over 50 independent booksellers from coast to coast, and distributed free copies through locally-owned businesses across eastern and central Iowa. Over 1500 copies of each issue hit the streets. This year, we hope to gain distribution through a major independent distribution outlet and increase our reach.

Also this year, we will be revising our approach- because of ever-increasing mailing costs, we will be putting out only 2 issues in 2012, but doubling the size of those issues. That way, readers will get as much great content as last year, but we will reduce the postage costs substantially.

A little preview of what to expect in Issue #5:

An excerpt from Bob Pfeifer's new novel "University of Strangers"
"Quasar Gets a Car" by Walter Chien
"Orion Express" - Gauntt and Dana, illustrated by Cynthia Martin

Retro Drag Racing by Diana "the Doc" Thomas
Kings of Scrap: How Gingery Publishing pioneered the open-source hardware movement
An excerpt from "Benchclearing:Baseballs Greatest Fights and Riots by Spike Vrusho
Occupy by Tim Beckett

Chuck Miller

Robert Schefman
Michael X. Rose
Karim Hetherington
Don Rock

Ad space is limited, so please email me and reserve yours asap- artwork deadline is January 10th.

Thanks again for your support, and let me know if you have any questions-

Happy New Year!


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