Sunday, November 13, 2011

Looking for "Occupy" scene reports for ObMag #5

Hey folks-  can you send me a paragraph or two about your local "Occupy" scene for the next issue?  It doesn't need to be slick or polished, just something that captures the local flavor. Photos, flyers or other stuff we can reprint are also welcome.
Please submit work digitally to:

By Post:
Rich Dana
POB 72
Victor, IA

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  1. Occupy Iowa City hasn't had to deal much with being ousted akin to occupations in Des Moines or Chicago. We're situated in College Green Park located on the eastern side of Ia City, between Dodge and Jefferson(N/S), Washington and College(E/W).

    Sometimes our port-a-potty almost gets tipped over, tents shouted at and almost pushed down the sides of the park sometimes, mostly it's just lots of shouting. Some of the best conversations come about just after we get egged or have firecrackers thrown at us, though it's real tough conversing with drunk folks (especially being a vocal and openly gay man, as I am).

    Though this, we've had such an outpouring of support from the greater community. We've garnered almost all our stuff simply through donations from folks. We have an arctic tent (donated) for winter gathering, propane heaters to last us throughout the winter, and the best local food farm fresh(we are such a well-fed occupation!) and warm around dinnertime (6pm) and somedays midday even.

    People come by curious to talk and be listened to, leading me to believe that this occupation is filling a need for validity. We have some detractors, lots of conversations start out saying "What are you guys really doing?" "What are you goals?" "Who are your leaders?", though everyone for the most part manages to remain kind and respectful of all folks and keep constantly asking questions.

    Lately we've had public forums to get the word out to more students and members of the community. This all while having teach-ins, skill shares, cultural events, music, artwork sessions, public spoken soapbox sessions, actions throughout the town, and rallies and marches that start in the park and end up downtown or on the Old Cap steps. We're constantly changing, as more and more people come out. We still keep getting more folks camping out even as winter hits with a folks we'd not seen previously setting up tents even into the windy and cold last night.

    All in all, this community is big, beautiful, and shares well with others :-)

    As for more actions, we're constantly planning stuff. You'll have to try and keep track of us to know.