Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OBSOLETE! #2 Featured Contributors: Gary & Debra Parky

OBSOLETE! #2 features a photo essay by New Orleans residents Gary and Debra Parky. Their photos vividly capture to impact of the BP oil spill on the social environment of the gulf.

From the intro:
"...In Larose we found an entire side of a building covered with a protest collage (complete with a rendition of Shepard Fairey’s Obama profile); further down Route One we came upon a piece of plywood painted with relevant images that was somewhat reminiscent of R.A. Miller’s work. As we got into Grand Isle it became apparent that this was were we wanted to take this (article), as there was no shortage of homemade, hand painted protests against BP et al that were basically in people’s front yards…"

About Gary & Debra Parky;

"We reside in New Orleans. Every now and then we do something interesting, like the time we had a band that played obscure R&B and Rock & Roll from the late 50s & early 60s, complete with go-go dancers. We called ourselves the SophistiCats and the SophistiKittens, and we released 2 full length CDs and did a lot of cool gigs. Another time we opened up a store on Magazine St called Sputnik Ranch that sold stuff like Western Wear, cowboy boots, designer vinyl toys, lowbrow art and other fun stuff. That was pretty crazy! Sometimes we even ride around the French Quarter on vintage 1950s bikes dressed up like cowboys (the Roy Rogers/Nudie/Manuel suit wearing kind…yes, we have the suits) with our friends. We also like to drive around our neck of the woods and take photos of cool stuff that we’re afraid won’t be around too long. Unfortunately, we’re often right about our choices. Our favorite dogs are Border Collies; we have two. Their names are Bunny and Lux.

Check us out at SputnikRanch.com  & TheSophistiCats.com."